The facts: everything you need to know before booking your wedding planner

The low down


Why do I need a wedding planner?

A wedding is the most important day of your life; a wedding planner allows you to have peace of mind that your day will go smoothly. By hiring a professional wedding planner, you are guaranteed to save time, money (who doesn't love saving money), and stress. There are so many moving parts and details when it comes to planning such an important day. Planning can be a daunting task; most people are not sure where to start.


I just got engaged, how early in the planning process do we need to book you?

By booking a wedding expert as soon as possible, you are setting yourself up for success. Most couples reserve their planner 9 – 12 months in advance and, due to this date, quickly fill up. The sooner, the better!


How much access do I have to you once I have booked you?

All packages include unlimited email communication. Each package comes with different levels of in-person and phone meetings. Check out our packages below to see the details!


My friends and family are very organized and offered to help plan the wedding, can't they help?

It is great when friends and family want to help out in the planning process, but just as much as you want to enjoy your wedding day, so do your friends and family. By hiring a professional to run your wedding day, you are ensuring that the details are covered, and everyone can enjoy themselves.


What is the difference between a day of coordinator and event manager?

The term "day of coordinator" is very popular, and most people assume this person is just stepping in for the day of, and that is all. The truth of the matter is, no professional, experienced wedding planner would encourage you to work with them for only a day. One day is not enough time to get the job done. What I offer my clients is Wedding Management.​ The most beneficial aspect of Wedding Management is that you have unlimited email access to me from the day you book.This way, I can help make significant decisions that won't have a negative impact on your wedding day. Most day of coordinator's start working with you 4 – 6 weeks before your wedding day. At this point, potential bad decisions are already made and cannot be reversed. Wedding Management allows couples to play as big or small of a role as they see fit in their wedding day planning.


I planned my wedding, so why do I need an event manager?

Great, you are off to a great start! Once the leg work is done, let a wedding planner take over to organize and finalize all details to ensure the day of your wedding runs smoothly. The months leading up to the big day can be extremely stressful. If you want to ensure minimal stress for you are your boo thang, call on us to help!


Why is your pricing not listed on your website?

I know it can be frustrating when pricing is not listed, I get that. But hear me out, each couple and wedding are unique; because of this, I customize pricing for each event. Consultations are painless, quick (15-30 minutes), and the best part…it's free. This way, I can chat with you, get to know you and see how I can best suit your needs. I love to talk via phone or facetime if that's your game, contact me to discuss pricing!


What's your process like once I have booked with you?

Great you should ask! I have broken down the wedding planning process into three phases to make this process easy to digest. Phase 1: VIP Phase, this is where I get to know you as a couple and find out what you are really looking for out of this day. In this phase, key vendors are booked, and other major vendors are locked in. Phase 2: Design Phase, the focus during this phase is on the aesthetics of the event. Phase 3: Wrap – Up Phase, ensuring all details are in check, and vendors are finalized. I will also be there for your rehearsal dinner to make sure your wedding party knows the deal!


My venue already has a planner, do I need you?

Ahhh, I get this question all the time. The answer is hell, yes!!! The venue coordinator works for the venue only, hence the name. This person is here to help with venue related questions and to ensure all standards are held during the event. Venue coordinators have no part in the design process, timeline management, or vendor communication. Keep this in mind when looking and venues and ask how involved the venue coordinator is.


What time will you arrive on the day of the wedding? How long will you stay?

I am the first to arrive and the last person to leave the day of your wedding.


Do you travel outside of Maryland?

Yes, I love to travel; you simply cover travel & accommodation costs.

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