About Me

Stephanie Oden

I thrive on good vibes, dog kisses, and the great outdoors.

Planning, designing, and watching all your hard work come to life for one magnificent event filled with the people you love most. That’s is what it is all about, that gets my blood going and is why I do what I do.

My philosophy is to positively build meaningful relationships with my clients and help guide them to the best day of their life and throw a kick ass wedding that is uniquely you. I combined my background of catering, event planning, and love to throw a great party to create Wild Love Collective, in 2019. My goal is find what the most important aspect of the wedding day is to you and make all the other pieces revolve around that. Traditions are great, but so is thinking out of the box and doing something different on your wedding day.

When I am not making to-do lists and timelines for weddings you can most likely find me outside exploring with my dogs, Kujo and Leo aka my world, watching The Office or Harry Potter, and enjoying a good craft beer… particularly a hazy IPA. Yummm. Home for me means east coast livin’ here with my boyfriend in Maryland! But we love to travel and have our bags packed and ready to go, cost remains the same you cover travel expenses.

Lets work together to make your wedding day uniquely you!

If you have gotten this far, thank you and I cannot wait to meet you. 🙂

Contact below to see if your wedding date is availableT


Wild Love Collective believes in...

Karma – What comes around, goes around. Giving back a portion of our proceeds to charities that are near and dear to our hearts.

Sustainability– Being ethically conscious and aware of the impact we are leaving behind during events.

Adventure – Exploring new ideas and terrain, thinking outside the box.

Transparent – Being very clear and open with clients and vendors about expectations.

Unique – Every event should be tailored to highlight the most important aspects of your day.